What it is that discards the superfluous, the gimmicky, the flashy, the questionable, the overly fragile, the misplaced?
The obvious answer would be time. And this is also the riddle of good design: very few objects achieve such a rarefied consistency of qualities.
This is our aim, the antifragility of classics.

meze headphones philosophy


Our passion for music and art is the drive behind Meze Headphones. We created our range of headphones and earphones with this aspect in mind. We created them as if for ourselves

meze headphones philosophy


Meze Headphones has stood by its values since the beginning of the company. We did not follow trends and let them influence the audio quality and design of our headphones. They are timeless objects that will not go out of style the next season. We achieved this through patience and dedication

meze headphones philosophy


The team behind Meze Headphones is a team of passionate specialists, with backgrounds in sound engineering, product design, crafting, and music