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Back to music

Take your music back to school!


The end of summer doesn’t have to be the end of your music adventures.
Take your favorite tracks wherever you go with this special Back to Music bundle and save $79 on audio gear!

Get a FREE 12 Classics Iridium earphone for each Meze 99 series headphone you buy! 

Hurry up! Bundle available until August 31, 2018


Just like finger prints, wood grain is as unique, thus making each pair of Meze Headphone a one of a kind. You will love how they feel in your hands. Sturdy built and precise assembly. The ear cups are made with a satin finished wood grain. Put them on, sit back, and enjoy your favorite sound of plucked strings, upbeat grooves or thumping beats while still looking classy

meze back to school


We're taking headphone design to a new level by combining modern with hand crafted design, using natural materials and focusing on delivering the best premium sound

meze back to school bundle

The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers.

meze back to school bundle

A fresh take on the 99 series for the uptown audiophile, 99 Neo brings together Meze Audio’s signature sound quality with cutting edge style.

meze back to school bundle

The Meze 12 Classics are conceived to hide the high-end audio tech beneath a sense of style. Design should be like a great performance: you have to make it look easy!

Choose your favorite bundle until August 31 and save $79!